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Our Book "Strategic Planning: How to Deliver Maximum Value Through Effective Business Strategy" is now available via amazon.


"Strategic Planning" is a comprehensive new title, offering practical information on how to develop and implement successful, revenue-generating strategies within your business. In addition to this, the book serves to provide ideas and guidance for producing strategic business plans for your company.

"Strategic Planning" explores the thinking surrounding strategy, and explains concepts such as value based management, the strategic environment, strategies to suit products, establishing strategic strength and gaining competitive advantage.

This thorough guide then goes on to demonstrate how to implement and evaluate strategy, how to manage your team and how to manage future risks to your business. Including key questions, pro-active workshops, useful tips and further reading, "Strategic Planning" is an essential guidebook, whether you are looking for advice about factors to consider when putting together a business plan - or whether you are responsible for the overall strategic direction of the business.

About the authors

Prof. Robert G. Wittmann
Prof. Dr. Robert G. Wittmann, born in 1962, is Professor of Innovation Management at Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences and partner in ADDventure Consulting GmbH. He has been involved in the concept development and implementation of value-based strategies in a large number of projects both at home and abroad for international clients such as Audi, Metro, Siemens and Thyssen-Krupp. Prof. Wittmann also advises companies during their startup and growth phases and promotes the ongoing creation of an entrepreneurship network along with partners from the worlds of science, business and economic development.

Contact: robert.wittmann@strategy-businessplan.com

Dr. Matthias P. Reuter
Dr. Matthias P. Reuter, born in 1974, began his career in Point of Sale Marketing, after which he was involved in the launch and development of a Marketing Consultancy. His focus in economic research is on strategy implementation. As a Senior Consultant for Strategy and Finance, he has been responsible for various implementation projects at Siemens in the fields of strategic management, business planning, and mergers and acquisitions. Dr. Reuter is currently head of Strategy, Sales and Finance in Siemens AG's Training and Education Division, realizing corporate performance programs.

Contact: matthias.reuter@strategy-businessplan.com

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